The Little Co-Sleeper

The Little Co-Sleeper

Our son, Kaelan, is now 4 months old.  He has slept with us in our bed since he was born.  We had done the exact same thing with his older sister, Miranda, from the time she was born until she was 4 months old.  Then we began to train her to sleep in her crib through the night.  Starting her there in the evenings after her bedtime ritual and bringing her in with us when we would settle for the night was the beginning.  Gradually she went to one feeding a night and I would breastfeed her in the night and return her to her crib.  Went ok and had a bit of a trial with letting her “cry herself to sleep” (only because we had a hard time not going in to her).  But eventually it smoothed into a great arrangement.  Now she has no problems with going down for naps or the night.  Unless she’s overtired which is another subject altogether.

Enter the scene comes Kaelan.  They will have to share a room and we already have his crib placed and ready.  Now will come the tricky part of them learning to sleep in the same room.  It was no problem when Miranda was alone to rise in the night to deal with her.  The issue will be when he starts staying through the night, will she wake up and be unable to return to sleep when we deal with her younger brother?  Will she sleep like a rock and not even stir?  Will she demand to be breastfed as well and keep her brother awake if we refuse her?  We have come up with a starting strategy: start him sleeping in our own room after his bedtime ritual and then breastfeed him when we go to sleep (which is when he wants to feed again anyway).  Then place him his crib for the night.  When he cries in the night for a feeding, we will oblige.  My husband will soothe and deal with big sister while I will breastfeed and change little brother’s diaper.  Hopefully we will be able to send them both back to sleep without any problems….we shall see and I will keep you all updated!

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