The Tiny Teether

The Tiny Teether

Our son is teething. He seems to have been teething from the womb! So there’s the red knuckles, the drippy drool, the constant need to chew on anything he can get his little digits on and the pain that accompanies all of this.

So what has helped has been the baltic amber teething necklace and hurricaine gel. There are differing opinions on both products and their effectiveness. The necklace has succinic acid that is absorbed by the skin and travels through the bloodstream to the pain and helps to ease it along with the drooling. The gel is a form of benzocaine gel that is obvious in its use and is very powerful but effective. It is used on our children with the greatest caution because of it’s strength.

So–these have worked well for both of our children and two teeth have popped through on the bottom of Kaelan’s gums already. Along with all our teething toys and chewing Mommy and Daddy’s fingers, we’re good. 🙂

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