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Getting in the Greens

Getting in the Greens



Vegetables.  Man is it hard for me and the fam to get them into us.  In my own life I know it seems to be going so quick  every day that we eat only fast or quick snacks and meals.  We get into these ruts every few months or so and have to kick our butts out of it!

So I obtained a soup recipe.  A green soup.  A detox soup.  With lots and lots of vegetables.  Makes sense since I found it on the site of a gluten free vegetarian.  It took me longer to make it than I anticipated, but it usually does with new recipes.  But it is very tasty and very full of veggies!  So here’s the link:

Now, more about this fabulous site…I also have good friends, with and without children, that are allergic to gluten and so on.  I have looked for recipes that allow us to host dinners and coffee dates with these restrictions and have come across an endearing and rather remarkable blog.   The long and short of it is that this lovely lady was an awesome baker and cook and wrote the cookbooks to prove it!  However she got sick with celiac disease and had to give up gluten and more.  But no worries, she couldn’t stop  baking and cooking just because of silly gluten having to be left out.  I have found delightful recipes on her site from gluten free pumpkin pies to buckwheat chocolate chip cookies to gluten free brownies and on and on and on.

Some people are required to cook and bake this way.  Some choose to do so to have a healthier and more natural lifestyle.  I choose to use her recipes to treat my friends who need to be gluten free so they can have decadent and truly delicious edibles.  And I eat them because they taste extremely awesome!!!

So.  Here’s to this remarkable lady and her remarkable blog!