The Best Baby Food Ever!

The Best Baby Food Ever!

So, Kaelan now has four teeth!  Two front on top and bottom.  He hasn’t nipped me quite so much as Miranda did when her teeth came in.  But it has heralded the beginning of baby food.  But not the yucky-in-the-jar-been-on-the-shelf-for-who-knows-how-long stuff.  No; we did not subject Miranda to that either.

We make all  our own baby food by steaming or baking the fruits or vegetables when needed and then running them through the large food processor we have.  More recently we received a Baby Bullet!  It is a combo between a food processor and a blender with the addition of a special blade for milling fresh brown rice and oatmeal flour.  In a word–awesome!  Also efficient, handy or useful.  I would say all describe the Baby Bullet Food System.  If you make batch of baby food every other day for a week, you easily have about month’s worth of baby food ready in the freezer (for beginning to eat).

I am not saying it’s neccessary to have one, just convenient and progressive to a degree.

Also another note I would include is that one should always abide by the four day rule when introducing baby to new foods.  Only give the baby a new food for four consecutive days while observing whether there’s an allergic reaction.  It could mean the difference between a pesky diaper rash (or worse) or the absence of one.

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