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Traveling With The Babies!!

Traveling With The Babies!!


So.  We just got to Phoenix this past evening.  Now that the kids are 2 1/2 and 15 months old, it’s different from it was before.  Gone are the blissful days when they would fall asleep in my arms under the nursing cover or in Daddy’s arms with the bottle of expressed milk.  Now are the days of “Make sure we have the iPad to occupy her!”  and vigorous bouncing and singing our son to see the sand man.  Wow….but there is some good news.  We have found good resources to help with traveling with the babies and how to make it more manageable.  Here’s what I’ve found:

There is a great site called that has some great resources and even a stellar packing list for babies and toddlers.  These lists include packing for all ages as well as for on planes, in cars and making a specific travel kit for illnesses, etc.  Very handy!!!  I highly recommend this site.

Also has an extensive Mother of All Packing Lists!  This site includes info about travel and sleep and feeding baby while traveling.  There’s also some articles for car reviews and car seat policies being updated.  Also very handy!!

This site Mom’ has this post Top 10 Baby Items List When Traveling With Baby which is filled with all the most basic needs to remember.  The blog’s owner, Grace Wilson, has also done all the research for the best umbrella strollers on the market.  Stop by and take a stroll through her site.

There are many, many others about traveling with babies to be had so don’t stop there!  Hope this helps!