Raising A House of (Nerds!) Star Wars Fans

Raising A House of (Nerds!) Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Fans


I just need to share the humor of our household. We are raising Nerds! Fans of Star Wars. We introduced them a few months ago the episodes IV, V, and VI. Then we found some great used toys in excellent condition considering that they are at least a decade old. (And we checked—no money making collectibles in there to protect from our kids.) Fascination with light saber battles, star ship battles in space and the mysteries of moving objects with the force has been intriguing to watch them try to imitate and understand. But my true joy and what makes me laugh the most is the playing involved!

Pool Noodles as Light Sabers

Pool Noodles as Light Sabers


Kaelan just turned 4 and I completely understand the obsession. Racing through the house with the shrieks of “chuming” (his sound for shooting) as a stormtrooper with a gun or a tie fighter in battle. Wielding his pool noodle light saber and declaring that he is ready to save the galaxy even though he decides to use his (pretend) electricity on Daddy in the next moment as Darth Sidious. It’s the best.

But Miranda is willingly posing as every single character, no matter how obscure in the storyline, and acting out every scene she possibly can at 5 and half. And I mean every character. Droids, humans, aliens, good guys, bad guys and inconsequential bugs. She has been them all. I absolutely love her creativity and her imagination. She can use a toddler-sized fitted sheet on her head so she can be Darth Vader. A pool noodle originally meant to be a light saber gets pushed into the back of her shirt so she can be Boba Fett. A light pistol from said light saber handle (created by Dad from pvc pipe wrapped in duct tape) completes her character. One of her favorite things to pretend to be are Tauntauns. These are actually creatures that the main characters ride on a planet covered in snow at the beginning of episode V. She will have Kaelan follow her around pretending that she is Luke Skywalker’s ride. It’s hilarious to witness.Star Wars Nerds!

And then there is Sophia. At the age of 18 months she has chosen not to be left out. When there is a light saber battle (usually between Daddy, Kaelan and Miranda) while the kids are calling out, “I’m Luke Skywalker!” or “You’re Mace Windu!” or “We’re defending the GALAXY!”, she is there in the thick of it wielding her own pool noodle, sound effects and all (no, literally, she is saying “woo woo”). And then she usually gets Daddy who dramatically grabs the inflicted “wound” and starts dying immediately so that they can jump on him as he fades away.

All paticipating

All participating

I really must say that watching the movies and how our children play is fun. But even better than that is that we go to the library every week and they have found that it is full of Star Wars books. This has fed their little minds even more. I believe that the continuation of the delight and fascination comes from the fact that they are able to check out books that tell the stories for their level of “wordiness”. What I mean is that they have Star Wars readers available that is Level 1 through 5. So level 1 has sentences that a four or five-year old is better able to understand than level 5 where the child is reading on their own with much more complicated words and sentences.

So I will give a shout out to our Manatee Public Library. To read more about the Manatee Library locations click here. Here is some fun stuff coming in October to Central Library.

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