My 9 Best Breastfeeding Tips

My 9 Best Breastfeeding Tips


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Always try to use the bathroom before you settle down to nurse. One of the most uncomfortable feelings during nursing is the desperate need to pee! Baby is not going to starve if they wait another 5 to 10 minutes. Not to mention you lessen your chances of a UTI when you actually use the bathroom when you feel the need.  Photography courtesy of

Find the most comfortable position for you and the baby to breastfeed. This is easily accomplished with a boppy or other pillows to rest your arms or support your back. There are also a number of breastfeeding positions to help ease the situation. My top pick would be side-lying position.

Set yourself up with what I call a nursing or breastfeeding station. This would include what you need right before, during and right after you breastfeed. This would include snacks, water, cell phone/land-line phone, t.v. Remote, books/magazines, cozy blanket when it’s cold, boppy (or similar product), burp cloths, and nursing cover.

Nursing covers are for the ladies, like myself, who seem to be hesitant at people gawking at you as you feed your baby. Some women can handle the stares and comments, good and bad alike. I would rather not. I sometimes do still get comments but most people notice less when I use the cover.

Have your burp clothes with you. A stack within the nursing station is great. Between spit-up, throw up and diaper explosions, they are down right handy! They are also good for when you have a let down to capture the milk coming from your other side.

One other important tip is that you want to have a variety of comfortable nursing bras and/or camisoles. Trust me when I write that you will really need the support.

Herbal Lactation Teas are great for increasing your supply. Always make sure you are getting enough water and calories before using the tea if you feel lacking in your supply. In the very early days, tea may not be necessary.

One basic rule when I started breastfeeding was to have a snack every time I breastfed the baby. Have some wholesome, nutritious snacks on hand. High quality protein bars, dried fruit, raw nuts, trail mixes can all store well.  Use a storage container of some kind for those snacks to have within reach while you breastfeed the baby. You can use baskets, boxes, Tupperware, reuse shoe boxes, etc. This is especially useful if you have more than one breastfeeding station (i.e. your bedroom, nursery, living room, etc.)  

Water. You’re body is made up of about 70% of water. It is the necessity of milk production (as well as adequate calories). First thing to check when your supply seems low is how much water you are actually drinking. Always have water available. Keep a bottle easily accessible in every room. Bedroom, nursery, living room—even the bathroom. I’m serious! This may seem silly or weird, but I am just saying you should be drinking water this often!  

What about you?  If you have any tips that I missed, feel free to share them below!

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