It’s A Baby! How My World Has Changed with #4 on the way…

It’s A Baby! How My World Has Changed with #4 on the way…

it's a Baby!

Right before the end of last year our life got more complicated (in a good way) by finding out we were having another baby.  Our children are currently Miranda who is 6, Kaelan who will be 5 at the end of this month, and Sophia who is just over 2 and a half.

I am just 36 weeks this past Sunday and have to say, naturally, it has been hard to get to anything to do with this blog.  Having the energy is challenging no matter the circumstances when pregnant.  But I did want to share some of the ways this particular pregnancy has been different from the previous 3.


I have had the challenge of homeschooling our oldest for her kindergarten year, which included finding unique ways to use our home as her place of learning.  Our son, at almost 5, is almost to the end of his potty training while our youngest is not really interested in using the toilet and is still just sitting on it and putting in toilet paper before her bath. I am yearning for the day when I will only have one child in diapers.  I am not sure that will happen anytime soon.

My husband changed jobs this year and that threw our health insurance for a loop for this pregnancy.  So many changes to our lives all at once, including the pregnancy, has been somewhat overwhelming.  But there are some good things, too.

The Way God Intended

My nausea has been more about eating this time around, so I can easily deal with it by making sure I eat enough.  I am craving fresh ingredient foods which gives me more energy to run around after the kids now.  And I have been able to have the chiropractic care that I need to help my pregnancy along to its best potential.

What about you?  Any big differences in your pregnancies?

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