The Coming of Kaelan

The Coming of Kaelan



Our son was due on July 21st in 2011. He didn’t want to come. I should probably take a moment to mention that this was my most peaceful pregnancy. It just had a quality of quiet to it. My son is anything but quiet so I am not sure why. But anyways, he did flip breach between weeks 34 and 36 and I had a chiropractic technique done that had him flip back within the same week.

The due date came and went and we did all we could to induce labor ourselves. Walking, perineal massage, evening primrose oil, walking, pressure points. He stayed in and we got to 41 weeks. So…we needed to go to the hospital for a “non-stress test”. This was an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid and to see how he was doing. Usually, in other circumstances, immediately following the test, they sign you in and have an induction so you have the babyNewborn-Kaelan

We spoke extensively with the midwife and chose to have her try a form of natural induction called “stripping the membranes” which involves going in and massaging around the cervix to start the hormones flowing that starts labor. She did this the day before the hospital visit. Labor started but stayed within early labor contractions. So I was having contractions at the stress test with no progression. We went right to the birth center after the hospital and the midwife stripped the membranes again. There was still no progression as far as how close the contractions were to each other. So we stripped them again.

By this time the contractions were painful. They felt like active labor but were not close enough to be active labor. By this time, I had been having them for almost 48 hours. The midwife told me I was having prodromal labor. Which just means prolonged. I was sort of able to sleep during the second evening.
I cannot remember the way the labor moved from early to active. Suddenly the contractions were close enough to be active. Our midwife again was Alina. She came and let us labor through active for 12 hours. I needed someone to pour water down my back during contractions in the pool to help with the pain. At some point I noticed it was raining, which I thought was neat. There was not much pushing except that he still didn’t want to come out. He was close and my water had not broken yet. So Alina broke the water and he rushed out. One push and he came as quickly as his older sister.
He was born at 6:58pm and was 7 lbs 14 ozs and 21 ins long. After Alina examined him, took measurements and examined the placenta (which was on the smaller side) she told us that he might have stayed in another week more had we not induced with membrane stripping.


So our lovely boy was with us finally!


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  1. Hey Melissa,
    We’re thinking of you as you’re coming down the home stretch. No Thurs/Fri morning programs in Aug – we’ll start again Sep 1/2. Anxious to see the brood. Give all a hug for us. Julie

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