10256592_760764513957123_7037171957036555273_nKen and MeSalutations!  My name is Melissa and have been married to my husband Ken for 10 years.  We are a Bible believing Christian couple that have been blessed with four beautiful children within the last eight years!  My husband and I researched different options even before we were pregnant with Miranda, our first, and decided to go the natural birth route.  The way God intended.

My blog is based on my religious belief that God created us to have children naturally without needing most of the practices held as the current, Western way of doing things within the hospital settings in the United States today.  We researched each possible choice carefully before making any decisions.  We know that not every person will agree with our choices and that is ok!  We just want to share the “results”, so  to speak, of those choices.  But many, many others have benefited from birthing and living naturally!

This blog is a documentation of that past experience  as well as the new experiences of raising “Irish Twins” (our first two kids are only 16 months apart!), our little princess who’s three along with newest baby.  This blog is also meant to be a resource for women and families that have questions about doing things naturally, holistically and with the least amount of intervention as it relates to having and raising children.  Much of what will be shared along with my personal experiences is the valuable information gleaned and shared from the internet and others around us.  Also great and practical articles from posts that I found helpful, informative and easy to understand.

The Way God Intended

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