To exercise during pregnancy can be both fun and rewarding as well as difficult and exhausting. It has been a documented fact that to exercise during pregnancy as much as possible is not only beneficial to control weight gain but also makes birthing baby “easier”. What that means is that your body has already been made to stay in it’s capacity to move through extraneous physical activity so that labor won’t be as wearing as if you sat on the couch for 9 months straight eating like you were starving. Unfortunately for me during my first pregnancy, with Miranda, I did sit on the couch for about 5 months straight eating like I was starving. That is, when I wasn’t battling nausea. During my second pregnancy, with Kaelan, I exercised much more and was rewarded with, in my opinion, a less laborious labor. I also found that it lessened the nausea during that pregnancy, too.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when exercising during pregnancy:

*Always, always, always have water on hand and drink it frequently during exercising.

*If you have been fairly active before pregnancy, you should be able to continue to be during the pregnancy to a certain degree.

*Be weary of getting overheated, it isn’t good for you or the baby.

*LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It will tell you what it can and can not handle. You know your body—make sure you heed it.

*Make sure you don’t overdo it. If you can’t carry on a conversation, slow down and back off. Having a hard time breathing means you and baby aren’t getting sufficient oxygen.

*Do what you enjoy and have fun! It doesn’t have to be monotonous. Now might be the time to try something new…yoga, bellydancing, swimming, zumba, ballroom, or simply taking a walk are all excellent ways to exercise during pregnancy.


Here are a few links I found helpful with ideas and information:


Of course eating a healthy diet is also part of the equation, but that is another topic on another page. 🙂


Happy Huffing It!

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