Pregnancy. It changes everything. The first time. The second time. Every single time. Our bodies as women have the capacity to do amazing and marvelous things. Carrying a child within us for about ten lunar months is one of the most breathtaking. To feel that baby move inside of you, that it is alive, is almost too much for words to describe. To go through this process naturally is one of the most benefitial and memorable experiences I have ever had personally. It is an absolutely beautiful thing.


As I mentioned in the “About” Page, my husband and I began researching how to have a natural birth even before we had become pregnant. It was a very important decision we made and had discussed before we were married. Thankfully our lifestyle choices lined up back then! We chose to go through Rosemary Birth Home to have both of our children and were blessed to have the same midwife, Alina, deliver both of them.


“ Rosemary Birthing Home is a free-standing birth center in Sarasota’s historic Rosemary District. Established in 2003, Rosemary Birthing Home offers personalized midwifery care embedded with the philosophy that birth is a normal, healthy process. Our Licensed Midwives provide complete prenatal care, home birth and birthing home birth services, postpartum care, family education and more. Rosemary Birthing Home is more than a place to have a baby. It is a community of families. It is a great place to start.” ~via Rosemary Birthing Home

Miranda born

Midwife Alina attends us after Miranda is born

I believe in this method wholeheartedly. If you live somewhere other than in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, check locally for midwives and birthing homes or centers.


Also be aware of the laws within your state about having children in establishments other than a hospital, etc. One such law in Florida states that if a woman has or will have a “high risk” pregnancy that she will “risk out” of having the baby anywhere but in the hospital. That just means if the mother has diabetes or has heart problems or any other major conditions or illnesses, etc. that she must have the baby in the hospital should the worst happen. The ability to moniter mother and baby and intervene when and if the need arises are the goals of such laws. This does not mean that the mother and family can’t take part in the birth education classes or be a part of the community in any other way they desire to be. Nor does this hinder being as natural as you desire and are able to be in all the other areas of having and raising your child(ren).